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Feature Fotos

2020 Feature Fotos

Every year the LHS Booster Club puts together a display of poster prints with a representative or group photo from the wide variety of LHS activities. These prints are proudly displayed in the school foyer from August to May. Coaches or advisors of the respective teams and activities submit their nominations each year, often selecting a participant in their senior year. At the end of the school year, the prints are available to purchase. Thank you to Harold's Photo for collaborating with the LHS Booster Club on this project each year! A special shout out to Cindy Cummins, LHS Yearbook Advisor, for going above and beyond to help capture some of our students!

Alex Tong - Boys Basketball

Ana Simeonova - Girls Cross Country

Andrew Martens - Boys Track

Ava Haugrud - Competitive Dance

Avery Blackman - Girls Tennis

Brooklyn Gagnon - Bowling

Carly Wheeler - Statesman

Carson Woods - Boys Soccer

Catherine Paul - Chorus

Claire Yunag - Girls Golf


Areej Nazir, Max Mickelson, & Abbie DeKramer


Areej Nazir & Abbie DeKramer

Elizabeth Boysen-Gymnastics

Elizabeth Jerstad - Girls Track

Ella Stich - Girls Soccer

Emerant Beyene Balomog -

Ethan Behrend - Baseball

Gavin Schmit - Boys Tennis

Grant Graber - StuCo

Isabella Szabo - Oral Interp

Jayden Fikse - Girls Basketball

LHS Sideline Cheer

Nash Stenberg - Boys Golf

Olivia Jensen - Softball

Sam Marcotte - Orchestra

Sierra Brown - Yearbook

Sydni Wietfeld - Volleyball

Tommy Thompson - Football

Zac Carlson - Band

Zeb Mendel - Boys Cross Country